Veterinary Bill Assistance Programs

Believe it or not, there are charities and grants out there for those whose pets need veterinary care. If you are having trouble affording the necessary treatment, visit the websites below to see if you qualify for funding.

Diabetic Cats in Need provides ongoing assistance with insulin, testing supplies, and limited veterinary care to folks who qualify as low-income caregivers. The CAP requires proof of low-income status to be provided upon application and again each year while in the program. Acceptable proof of low income includes IRS 1040 or statement of benefits for TANF, SSI, SSDI, SNAP, or Section 8 Housing.

Dog and Cat Cancer Fund will work directly with veterinarians to help needy families get treatment for their cats and dogs suffering from cancer.

Frankie’s Friends Charitable Pet Foundation. Applications for assistance will be considered if: Your pet needs emergency or specialty veterinary care, Your pet has already been seen by a licensed veterinarian,the veterinarian has determined your pet has a good prognosis with treatment, you can show documentation of financial need, and the treatment plan has not yet been paid as they do not reimburse for any payments already made.

Handicapped Pets Foundation provides wheelchair donations and financial assistance. An application must be completed to be considered. Requesters must provide a picture of the pet in need and show financial need.

Labrador Lifeline assists eligible Labs with urgent and short term medical treatment. Application required.

The Mosby Foundation application MUST be filled out entirely before they can consider you for any financial aid assistance.

Paws 4 a Cure. Paws 4 A Cure provides assistance with veterinary care for all illnesses and injury treatment which also includes medication, insulin, Heartworm positive treatment and medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

Shakespeare Animal Fund helps elderly, disabled and those whose total income does not exceed the current poverty guidelines to obtain emergency pet care. We pay the veterinarian directly, reducing out of pocket costs for low income pet owners who need to save their pet’s life.

Brown Dog Foundation is dedicated to helping families who find themselves in a temporary financial crisis at the same time their pet requires life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medications.

Magic Bullet Fund is assistance for cancer treatment including surgery or chemotherapy for cats and dogs only.

Onyx and Breezy Foundation provides funding and support to: spay and neuter programs, rescue of animals from kill shelters, food, medicine and supplies, Cancer research, medicine and equipment for military and police canines, equipment for medical facilities, puppy mill rescues and disaster relief.

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