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Adopt a dog; you can change lives!

Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound. A greyhound’s life at the track is dramatically different from that of a household pet. Luckily, Greyhound racing is on the wane—it’s now illegal in 40 states. Greyhounds bred for racing spend most of their time in crates, pens or fenced enclosures without the love of a family. Cruel methods are often used to dispose of unwanted dogs and the dogs that do survive in the industry are forced to live in cramped conditions. These social creatures are forced to spend most of their time alone, confined to cages for 20-23 hours a day and denied the opportunity to walk or play. Greyhounds are intelligent, calm, graceful creatures that make wonderful pets. These good-natured dogs thrive on love and attention.

Greyhound Friends of New Jersey is dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds into responsible, loving homes.

Laboratory Beagles. You may not know it, but you might have a beagle to thank for the medicines you take. In 2010, approximately 65,000 beagles were used in biomedical research—mainly for safety testing of human and veterinary medicines. You can rescue beagles when they are no longer needed by the labs.

There 3 Beagle Rescues in NJ:

SOS Beagles

Happy Paws Rescue

Penny Angels Beagle Rescue

New Jersey Pitbulls. Pit Bulls and mixes of the breed often account for 20 percent or more of the dogs available for adoption at area shelters. Many embody the best qualities of our favorite canine friends – lovable, loyal, eager to learn, friendly and great with families. This devotion to people has contributed heavily to the bad reputation of Pit Bulls, because a bad person can use a Pit Bull’s eagerness to please to train the dog for nefarious or criminal purposes. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked by potential adopters because of misconceptions about the breed.

New Jersey Pit Bull Rescue

Jersey Pits Rescue

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

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Mount Tabor 31 Trinity Park
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