Affordable Spay & Neuter Program in NJ

While you may want to avoid the annoyance of a vet bill if you have a new pet, a spayed, neutered pet will be healthier, happier and easier to live with after it has been spayed or neutered. Altered pets are less likely to mark their territory and have fewer tendencies to roam and are therefore less likely to annoy your neighbors, get hit by cars or fall prey to wild animals.

Spayed females have a lower risk of breast cancer (90% fatal in cats. 50% fatal in dogs) and life-threatening uterine infections. Neutered males have no risk of testicular disease and a lower risk of prostate diseases.

People For Animals is a non-profit throughout NJ. The closest facility to Parsippany is in Hillside. You will pay about 1/3 of the price it would cost you at an ordinary vet’s office. They provide some additional services like microchipping, nail clipping, FIV tests, and more. Total costs for a cat is around $100, dogs are around $150.

Branch Locations
Main Library 449 Halsey Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
(973) 887-5150
Lake Hiawatha 68 Nokomis Avenue
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034
(973) 335-0952
Mount Tabor 31 Trinity Park
Mount Tabor, NJ 07878
(973) 627-9508
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